Valeries Memory of Rhinoplasty in Iran

I try to post my foriegn patients itinerary and i hope it could help u to arrange your trip
My summer
Valeries Memory of Rhinoplasty in Iran : I got to know Dr.Amir through instagram, i wanted to have my surgery done in Tahran … so i searched for doctors in Tahran and i was really impressed by his work .. i sent him a message and he was the kindest answering all my questions and making me feel better about it.
I arranged my travel by a local booking office in Basra who got me the tickets and a translator so it was much easier for me .. i stayed in Valle aser street

Valeries Memory of Rhinoplasty

It took us 2 days to get the visa and we booked right away
I traveled through abadan.
I would highly recommend Parsian Enghelab .. Tahran is an amazing highly sophisticated place that i truly loved
Dr.Amir was amazing in all the words that cannot describe him .. i mean he helped me to get to his office .. made it hell lot easier for me and the next day he gave me the address to the clinic and i went there and had the procedure done
The nurses were amazing and very helpful
The surgery was as easy as getting a flu shot .. i would describe the feeling as “uncomfortable ” more than painful
It’s like having flu before you get to get your tampon off
I had it for one day .. once it was out i was back to normal
7 days and i took the cast off
I must say .. the best way to see results .. is to wait
It took me probably 9 months for the swelling to go down
But the result worths everything
And i would really recommend Tahran for plastic surgery for foreigners.. they are the best in there .. and for sure Dr.Amir is the best .. i had my family members and friends have their procedure done by him because i trust him and love his work that much

Valerie's Memory of Rhinoplasty in Iran