Post Operative Rhinoplasty Surgery

Post Operative Rhinoplasty Surgery (The night after your surgery)
– Start applying diluted Hydrogen Peroxide (1:1) on Q-tips to clean all your nasal incisions both internally and externally (You will be given detailed instructions on how to do this). Use many Q-tips each time you clean your incisions. After cleaning, you must cover the area with a thick layer of Petrolatum ointment such as Aquaphor or Vaseline. The patient must follow this for at least 4 to 5 times a day for the first month on all the areas that are visible.
– Cold compresses can be able to decrease swelling around your cheeks, forehead and eyes. You are allowed to use cold compresses for the first 72 hours however I only recommend it the first day only. You will be given packs from the clinic to ice the first day.
– You will be discharged to your hotel room and assisted.
– You must sleep on at least 3 pillow cases to keep your head elevated. It is generally good to sleep like this for the first week.
– Please do not get your nose splint or tape went until the night before your removal appointment. You are allowed to take showers but avoid getting your cast wet for at least the entire week post operatively. However, the day night and morning before your splint/cast removal I will suggest you to take a shower for 20-25 minutes. This is where you let the shower head focus on the focal point of your face to get the cast/tape wet, for easier removal.


Post Operative Rhinoplasty Surgery (The week after your surgery)
– All patients must be seen on the day of their nasal cast/tape removal.
– Your skin will be a bit oily, dirty and sticky for quite some time post operatively. So therefore try to cleanse your nose gently with a non-chemical/non-alcohol wipe or facial cleanser.
– Please follow a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and proteins.
– Females can wear water-based makeup as soon as we remove all the tapings/castings.
– If you do clean your nose on the exterior (on the dermis) please do not be aggressive. Handel your nose with caution. You can use a astringent to soak a cotton in and gently apply it on your nose.
– Do not remove or cut any part of the nasal cast or tape yourself. If you have any questions or concerns please call me personally.
– It is suggested to not stay in a bent-over position also to not carry weights greater than 5 kilograms (10 lb)
– You MAY NOT preform any exercise for at least 2-4 weeks.
– You can wear glasses however the bridge must be taped to your forehead. Contact lenses are OK to wear post operatively.
– Sleep with 3-4 pillow cases for at least one week after surgery to reduce swelling.
– Bruising is normal to have after surgery so it will take usually 1 week to reduce however with time it will significantly reduce so do not worry.
– Swelling is inevitable. Every patient will have a form of swelling this is a normal process of healing. Your nose will change day by day. The final results will take up to 1 year to ultimately heal so please be very patient.
– Please start using a Nasal Saline Spray starting at least 2 days after your surgery. I will explain and show you how to do this effectively. We will use 2-4 sprays on each nostril throughout the day.
– Please refrain from touching or digging inside your nostrils.
– All patients must be aware that in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty the goal is to improve the function of the nose function and cosmetic shape. I will do my best to give you an idea pre-operatively how your nose will look like. Most patients are impatient as immediately post-operative there is added swelling, so please stay patient. It will improve with time.
– If you have any questions you are more than welcome to ask me anything. I will be available to you throughout the entire process of your surgery and you are freely to call or text-message me at any time you wish.