Patient From Australia (zoozkii)

Patient From Australia (zoozkii)A short summary of my surgery experience with Dr Amir Sajadian. Part 1
I first got to know Dr Amir through two of my friends, one who has known him through instagram and another who has under gone surgery for her nose by him.
After extensive research and contact with Dr Amir and my friend, I came to a decision to book in August my flight to Tehran. I booked online my flights myself, arranged everything and decided to get a visa upon arrival. As I made my decision in a short period of time, I couldnt apply for a holiday visa to Iran in Australia as it will take up to 1 month to get approved.
I contacted Dr Amir about hotels and he was extremely helpful he told me about couple of hotels that were close by the clinic and his office. I made my decision after reviewing a hotel and I booked at Markazi hotel. Dr Amir mentioned previous patients of his stayed at this hotel. I contacted the manager and she booked me in for 7 nights 8 days simply by taking my name down and payment was upon arrival.
Once my flight date came, I was excited as this was something I had extremely been keen on doing for myself. From Australia to Tehran was a long flight for me but it was all worth it. I arrived at Imam Khomeini International Airport in the early hours of morning. I first had to get my travel insurance which costed $20 US then applied for my 1 month length visa that costed $175 US. I waited for the approval of my visa about 1 and half hours which I later went through immigration and had successfully approved to enter the country. Prior to arriving I had arranged with a family friend to pick me up from airport and take me to Markazi Hotel. It was about half an hour drive with no traffic as it was very early in the morning.
My hotel experience was beyond amazing! The service was amazing, the manager and staff all were sooooo lovely to me and helped me a lot. They guided me to places and booked most of my taxis through a cheap taxi app they showed me called ‘Snapp’. During the afternoon I went to Dr Amir office which was half an hour from my hotel.