Lovely patient from Netherland

I felt so unhappy with my nose for years. I was always hiding my lateral view. I felt ashamed and everybody told me my nose was fine. It wasn’t in my eyes. I always felt insecure about this part of my face. I live in Holland and before I went to Dr Amir, I didn’t know anyone who went to Tehran for rhinoplasty and I am not Persian. I was looking for a good surgeon in Holland or Belgium. I did so much research everyday. For two years I did hours of research everyday. I was obsessed. I read many reviews from every doctor in the Netherlands and Belgium. I just didn’t felt comfortable with these doctors. I had a hump and I wanted a smaller nose. The results of these surgeons where disappointing. So I continued my research. One day I found the website . I have met an amazing person on this forum. That time I was planning to go to Istanbul for my rhinoplasty. This person changed my mind and told me that Iran, Tehran is the best place to be in the world for a rhinoplasty. I did a lot of research and I was scared. I was afraid to go to Iran. I looked on Instagram and I read a lot of reviews. The person I met on recommended me Dr. Amir Sajadian. I saw his before and after pictures, I was sold. I really like his work. I spoke to his patients and they recommended me to perform my surgery by him. They told me he is such a great and skilled surgeon. After 2 years research, I decided that his work was the best I have seen in all these years. Februar 2016 I planned my rhinoplasty. I didn’t have much pain and the nurses were so kind and caring. All my worries about Iran were unjustified. It is so peaceful and safe. Nobody bothered me and Tehran is amazing. I felt in love with Tehran. So after my rhinoplasty my results were great. unfortunately I had scar tissue on my nose after 6 months. This happens during the healing process. I was very satisfied with the transformation of my nose. Dr. Amir Sajadian has listened so well. I told him I wanted a natural nose. I discussed my issues with him and he told me I could come back to solve this scar tissue. So I went back to Iran in january 2018. I did not have to pay again for the surgery and he refined my nose. He has such a criticle eye. I am such a picky person when it comes to my nose. I am 2,5 months post up and my nose is still swollen. I already see that my nose is perfect. I really would not have wanted another doctor. I am so happy. The healing part is the hardest part. I really recommend Dr. Amir Sajadian. He is honest and sincere, he is a very good listener. I am really satisfied. He offered me the best service. He is available via WhatsApp and always answers your questions.