3.7 03 Golestan palace which has been constructed in Safavid era consisted of 17 palace halls and museums. During Naser Edin Shah Qatar kingdom it has changed significantly because the shah was impressed by westernized art during his visit to Europe. In 2013, it was registered by unesco in world heritage list.  
5.0 01 It is a modern sight of Tehran which is packed by excellent restaurants and good views. It is pleasant to stroll across the different level and take a look at the highway from the there. The western part is focused on the restaurants, park and floral beds but the eastern part is more […]
3.0 02 About 500 meters you will find a splendid view of Tehran. There is a restaurant that views the city of Tehran with a 360 degree view on top of a tower. At the base of Milad tower are souvenir shops and coffee shops as well as traditional restaurants.  
5.0 01 Darband is a mountain village located in the north of Tehran. You will encounter beautiful landscape including river, mountain, and city. There are a lot of beautiful restaurants which are a bit over priced. Do not forget to bring suitable clothing. You can reach Darband by a subway if you wish in Tajrish […]