0.0 00 A male who has done rhinoplasty about 4 years a go.you could see that all swelling has gone away and nose look more delicate  
0.0 00 Thick skin patient following rhinoplasty. A little smooth curvature on dorsum could be seen and tip is not too much rotated.  
0.0 00 The patints of previous post after 2 months when her swelling is going to reduce  
0.0 00 A patient who has thick skin and malpositoned lower lateral cartilages.i made her tip upward and i removed her hump and reformed bony and cartilaginous part.you could see previous pictures and 2 weeks following surgery.  
0.0 00 First you must clean the skin on the nose with lukewarm water and cotton and wipe out any stain on the skin. Alcohol is okay however I do not suggest alcohol as it tends to dry the skin. Using a microtape that measures 1cm width, cut off a 10-15 cm length tape and […]
0.0 00 Thick Skin After Five Years