When the nose generally is not big but just the tip looks big and bulbous, it could be because of something we called it as malpositioned or cephalically oriented lower lateral cartilage. how do we fix it up?  
Secondary rhinoplasty. the patient who has done rhinoplasty 8 years ago and now augmented with dcif.  
A patient who has done surgery 1 year ago in belgium, now has come to us for revision rhinoplasty. she is suffering from downward tip, too much bony resection, and bulbous tip. We augmented dorsum with diced cartilage and fascia. and made the tip narrower and delicate and upward.  
This lady is coming from Russia who is suffering from septal deviation and thick skinned tip nose and downward tip. During surgery we had resected the dorsal hump, preformed tip refinement and osteotomy and spreader graft. As well as lower lateral cartilage reposition and alar base resection.
This patient is coming from the United States who has visited me in Muscat, Oman. He is suffering from a huge dorsal hump, droopy nose tip, septal deviation, and a wide bony nose. He has requested to make his nose thinner, more refined, and a upward nose.  
This is a patient from Kuwait who has done her revision (third surgery) with me in Muscat, Oman. She is suffering from a severe hanging columella and an retracted alar. She has requested to have her nose more shorter and have her nose tip to be more upward. The final result was satisfactory and her nose looks more improved.  
Thick skin patient from sweden whom has come to us for rhinoplasty. final result with more slender tip and narrowed base.  
I am showing the technique to refine and shave down the nasal tip of a bulbous nose during the procedure. The technique is called defatting. The tip defatting process is done by removing the underlying fibrofatty tissue under the flap. The areas where this is located is between the tip cartilages and overlying nasal tip skin.  
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  A patient who has done rhinoplasty in the past and now is suffuring from too much removal of dorsum. we augment her dorsum with dice cartilage of her ear.
A male who has done rhinoplasty about 4 years a go.you could see that all swelling has gone away and nose look more delicate  
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