0.0 00 5 Things You should Know about Rhinoplasty in Iran 
0.0 00 How to describe your nose problem during consultation??listen to this video to learn proper words in order to explain what you are craving for!!  
0.0 00 This patients has come from England for secondry (revision ) rhinoplasty.she is suffereing from deviated septum,pinched nose and hanging columella.  
0.0 00 A girl who has come from UK.she has rhinoplasty done.i removed her hump and i did double osteotomy to make her nose narrower.  
0.0 00 A patient from Dubai who was suffering from septal deviation and hump and downward tip.  
0.0 00 This patient has come from Germany in order to do rhinoplasty. she was suffering from septal deviation and big hump and downward tip. result will be completely natural.  
0.0 00 A patient who has come Iran to do secondary rhinoplasty. she is suffering from downward tip and septal deviation and inverted v deformity.  
0.0 00 Simple rhinoplasty. we just spiced it up! A little upward and made it narrower as much as possible.  
0.0 00 This American patient from Boston had a threatening car accident about 20 years ago. In the car accident the patient suffered nasal obstruction, skin injury and severe dislocation of the nasal bone and fragmentation. He has done 2 rhinoplasty surgeries in the past without any success. Here we used ear cartilage to improve […]
0.0 00 A patient who has done rhinoplasty a few years ago in tunisia and now is suffering from deviated nose and pointy tip and hanging columella and inverted v deformity.  
0.0 00 A patient had visited me from Norway this week to do a primary rhinoplasty procedure with a history of previous filler injections (nose). Typically patients who have a history of filler injections are at the risk of infections and should eliminate doing further injections. While non-surgical dorsum augmentation via dermal filler injections are […]