4.8 28 Facelift in iran : Facelift or Rhytidectomy (Surgery for removing face wrinkles) Facelift in iran : is the most comprehensive method for treating face wrinkles and sagging facial skin caused by senility. It ranges from surgery with the lowest invasion rate (Lunchtime lift or thread lift: a method of surgery where temporary sutures are used for delicate but visible facelift.) to wider and complicated surgery. In this surgery, extra skin can be detached, subcutaneous tissue and muscles can be tightened and then skin can be stretched on face and neck […]
0.0 00 A 60 year old women had visited my practice in which she was seeking multiple facial surgeries. The patient was interested in preforming upper eyelid blepharoplasty, facial fat grafting for her entire face as well as under eyelids, a chin implant, and a neck lift (platysmaplasty) with lower face face lift (rhytidectomy). My team and I had resected excess skin from the upper eyelids in order to rejuvenate her upper eyelids. The chin implant was performed in order to cerate a symmetrical balance in her face in which […]
0.0 00 In this surgery ,i change the shape of the ear by stitches. you could find out more by watching this video.
0.0 00 She has come to Muscat to do Rhinoplasty with Dr Amir.she got her primary rhinoplasty done there and now she is talking about her experience
0.0 00 An American patient has visited me for revision surgery. She had done several unsuccessful rhinoplasty surgeries in the United States. She is complaining about hanging columella, long nose, and a droopy tip. Nataly has requested that Dr. Amir Sajadian that her nose tip would be upward and the nose entirely to be small and unnatural as she prefers. In the video the surgeon had fixated the position of her nose tip with tongue in groove (TIG) technique to disallow the nose to droop immediately after surgery.
0.0 00 This patient has rhinoplasty done in the past and her surgeon left silicon implant inside of her nose .patient was complaining about having foreign body inside and too much moving around.in addition she wasn’t happy with the shape too.there are always the risk of protrusion and infection .so I removed that implant .after removal of that silicon there was a huge space because of cartilage overesection and I reconstructed dorsum and tip with ear cartilage and fascia.in this technique we harvest the fascia from temple and sewing it like […]
0.0 00 5 things you should know about revision or secondary rhinoplasty
0.0 00 This patient was complaining about being short nose following the previous rhinoplasty, so she came to us to lengthen her nose. I harvested ear cartilage to reconstruct tip and columella and increase the length of the nose. 
0.0 00 5 things you should know about Rhinoplasty in thick skin
0.0 00 5 Things You should Know about Rhinoplasty in Iran 
0.0 00 How to describe your nose problem during consultation??listen to this video to learn proper words in order to explain what you are craving for!!