0.0 00 Iran and Turkey are the most popular destinations for cosmetic surgery and medical tourism procedures such as rhinoplasty in the West of Asia and the Middle East region, but these two countries have traveled different paths to reach this place. Iran started to boom from 30 years ago and the last three decades have seen them go forward with persistent slow growth rates, whilst Turkey started actively promoting medical tourism around 2012 and have had amazing progress since then, causing them to eventually surpass Iran last year regarding […]
0.0 00 5 things you should know about nose job (rhinoplasty) in Iran. I am going to talk about 5 things about Rhinoplasty in Iran. Every day patients keep asking me some questions about safety, cost, process and etc. I am going to wrap them all up in this article. 1.why is Iran so famous and popular destination for rhinoplasty? all middle eastern have a big hump and downward tip so after surgery they enjoy these tremendous changes.so this surgery got so popular and everybody thousands of surgeries are being done and surgeons got […]
0.0 00 In recent years, there has been a huge surge in the number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed worldwide, especially rhinoplasties. But the popularity of rhinoplasty is not just limited to the Middle East, which has traditionally been known to have the highest rate of rhinoplasty operations in the world, as rhinoplasty in now second to blepharoplasty regarding popularity in Asians. Due to globalization and a thriving economy, more Asians than ever are now seeking cosmetic surgeries such as blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty.   What are the specifications of Asians? […]
0.0 00 One of the most difficult challenges in rhinoplasty is nostril asymmetry. In order to understand more about this topic, we dive deep into the depths of it. The first question that arises would be whether if the nose existentially has asymmetry prior to surgery or not. If there was asymmetry prior to surgery than it would have been because there is septal deviation which affects the nostril. Nostril asymmetry may also be the cause from asymmetric growth of the nostril. If it is due to the former it […]
0.0 00 The difference between close and open rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging operations in plastic surgery. For more than 3 decades, plastic surgeons have continued to present open versus closed rhinoplasty presentations and discussions, implying that one of the approaches is more advantageous over the other. From the first years of rhinoplasty it was a challenge figuring out how surgeons accessed the bone and cartilage beneath the skin (columella). The greatest fear in the past was cutting open the columella and not knowing where each anatomical […]
0.0 00 One of the most difficult subdivisions of plastic surgery is deviated nose rhinoplasty. In order to better understand this topic, I would like to further explain the meaning of deviation and the anatomy of the nose generally. All nasal elements are placed as a pair. Right and left and they are separated by a wall in the middle which is named the septum. On the frontal view, in the upper part septum is placed between two nasal bone and in the lower part of the nose, it is […]
0.0 00 What is fleshy or meaty nose? What are the drawbacks or benefits of having such nose? Fleshy nose is described in medical term as a nose which has thick skin due. Such noses look very thick, fleshy and “meaty”. This term has been addressed in general but could be categorized from two other aspects. First, for the reason of the thickness of the skin. Second, thickness of the tip cartilage. The skin has included different elements in which cause the thickness of the skin. One of them is […]
0.0 00 Revision Rhinoplasty is necessary to those whom have done rhinoplasty before. The ideal candidate for a revision rhinoplasty is a patient who is suffering from inverted V-deformity, Polybeak deformity or any other deformity that needs improvement.   We categorize these patients into two groups: 1. Patients whom their cartilage and underlying bone had been overresected than what it should be. In which I usually do revision for tip deformities that are resulting from previous surgeries. Severe tip deformities are done with autologous cartilage grafts. However, reconstructing the decimated […]
0.0 00 Nowadays people are searching for a highly-skilled surgeon who who has a great deal of experience and charges an affordable price for surgery. Who will be better than an Iranian surgeon? Rhinoplasty is very common in Iran that you can walk in the street and count at least 20 people who have a dressing tape on their nose within minutes of walking. Because many middle eastern are known for having a big dorsal hump, droopy nose tip, and thick skin, so we consider Iran the heaven for nose […]