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Dr. Amir Sajadian is a board certified E.N.T. as recognized one of the most significant surgeon throughout Iran for his rhinoplasty techniques.
He is considered a pioneer in his craft foremost for his rhinoplasty specialities, dealing with both primary and revision rhinoplasty. Located in Tehran, Iran, Dr. Sajadian brings his passion and experience to the practice of cosmetic and functional nasal surgeries. Dr. Sajadian has earned his Otolaryngology residency from the Iran University of Medical Sciences with exceptional achievements from his awards. One of his significant achievements is when the President of the Otolaryngology of Iran University of Medical Science has recognized him for earning a top mark on his board certification examinations.
The professional society memberships that Dr. Sajadian hold are the Membership of Iranian Rhinologic Society, Iranian Otolaryngology Society and the Iranian Society of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Board Certification committee. Among the skills and traits possessed by himself is an advanced understanding of the nasal functionality and anatomy as well as honing excellent skills to be able to preform both primary and revision procedures accurately.
Doctor Amir Sajadian is the only iranian surgeon who is a double board certified surgeon internationally between Iran and Oman. He has obtained his vocal and writing examination of board abroad. Doctor Amir Sajadian is the While being double board certified surgeon, he is able to operate in both countries Iran and Oman.