A patient from Dubai

All throughout my life, I was always very aware of my nose shape and how big it was. I really hated the bump on the bridge of my nose, it made my side profile look unattractive. I hated it to the point where I didn’t want anyone to look at me from the side or take any picture of my profile. In addition to the bump, I had a severely deviated septum, which made my nose look asymmetrical from the front.
Finally at 24 years old, I decided that it was the time to fix this part of my face that always brought me so much insecurity. I began my search for a good rhinoplasty surgeon, but I never really found a doctor in my area (Dubai) who had satisfying before and after pictures.
One day, I was watching the Oprah Winfrey show, and it was an episode where they spoke about the popularity of nose jobs in Iran. I was so amazed to know that nose jobs were a very normal everyday procedure over there. What was more amazing is the before and after pictures I saw online of Iranian doctors’ rhinoplasty patients.
A patient from DubaiI researched the best rhinoplasty doctors in Iran, and on top of that list was Dr. Amir Sajadian. I read so many amazing reviews online of people who travelled all the way across the globe just to have their nose done by him. Dr Amir, unlike any other doctor, will answer any question you have directly on whatsapp, having my questions answered made me so much more confident about my decision to have rhinoplasty, he even gave recommendations about the best affordable accommodation in Iran.
So, I booked my tickets to Iran and I was ready to have my rhinoplasty done. I met the doctor the day before the surgery for consultation, and he explained what result to expect. After the surgery was done, I rested in the hospital for four hours and then went home. On day 6, I had my cast taken off and I could see my nose for the first time, it was an amazing result, and everyday, the swelling goes down and I like my nose even more. My bump was removed, and instead I had a nice slightly curved shape from the side. From the front, my deviation was fixed, and my nose is more symmetrical.
Overall, I am so glad that I chose Dr. Amir Sajadian and I am more than happy with my result. Dr. Amir has an amazing eye for detail and a wonderful aesthetic sense. I already love my result, and I can’t wait to see the final result when the swelling goes down.
Thank you Dr. Amir and your team for your amazing work.

Best regards,