Why is rhinoplasty considered the most difficult plastic surgery?

We can find a reason simply by the emphasis of the location of where the nose settles in:

The nose is placed in the center of the face as if every person could see it. Therefore every subtle asymmetry is easily seen from the viewers eye and surgeons spend a great deal of their time in order to perfect the symmetry as much as possible.

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Dr. Amir Sajadian is a board certified E.N.T. as recognized one of the most significant surgeon throughout Iran for his rhinoplasty techniques. He is considered a pioneer in his craft foremost for his rhinoplasty specialities, dealing with both primary and revision rhinoplasty. Read more ...

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I had my nosejob performed by Dr. Sajadian 3 years ago and since then I had never stopped being asked by my friends who your surgeon was ? I need to thank him for his awesome job as other patients need to. Rozhiya, July 2017

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