After having a first rhinoplasty in Belgium which went wrong, I decided to do my revision rhinoplasty in Iran. I started to look for surgeons until someone recommended me dr. Amir Sajadian. I looked up his Instagram page and was very impressed with his work. I decided to contact him through WhatsApp and he was very quick in responding. Since I was satisfied with his results, I decided to make an appointment for the consult/surgery, applied for a tourist visa and booked my flight to Tehran. I arrived on the […]
My experience: I am living in the USA. I️ found Dr sajadian through reviewing his work over the period of 6 months at instagram. Subsequently we communicated through Instagram and telegram. I️ was really impressed with his thorough approach. He reviewed my pictures thoroughly. having previous rhinoplasty, I️ was extremely nervous regarding the next surgery. Upon my arrival, Dr sajadian was extremely understanding regarding my tight schedule in Tehran. I️ did not experience any extreme swelling or bruise afterward. 4 months later, I️ am delighted with his job. I️ recommended […]
Rhinoplasty in Tehran Tips from my experience 1. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! Plan all your trip in advance, book with doctor and hotel. 2. If you have minimal English and Farsi language, book a translator for no more than 3 days, consultation day, surgery day, and post surgery day. 3. If you get sick and catch the flu easily it’s highly recommended to go during the summer season in Iran in order to not have any complications such as blocked/ runny nose. 4. Take enough cash with you, preferably in USD. […]
A short summary of my surgery experience with Dr Amir Sajadian. Part 1 I first got to know Dr Amir through two of my friends, one who has known him through instagram and another who has under gone surgery for her nose by him. After extensive research and contact with Dr Amir and my friend, I came to a decision to book in August my flight to Tehran. I booked online my flights myself, arranged everything and decided to get a visa upon arrival. As I made my decision in […]
I try to post my foriegn patients itinerary and i hope it could help u to arrange your trip @valerie90ties Wrote: My summer  I got to know Dr.Amir through instagram , i wanted to have my surgery done in Tahran … so i searched for doctors in Tahran and i was really impressed by his work .. i sent him a message and he was the kindest answering all my questions and making me feel better about it . I arranged my travel by a local booking office in Basra […]