Revision Rhinoplasty is necessary to those whom have done rhinoplasty before. The ideal candidate for a revision rhinoplasty is a patient who is suffering from inverted V-deformity, Polybeak deformity or any other deformity that needs improvement.   We categorize these patients into two groups: 1. Patients whom their cartilage and underlying bone had been overresected than what it should be. In which I usually do revision for tip deformities that are resulting from previous surgeries. Severe tip deformities are done with autologous cartilage grafts. However, reconstructing the decimated nasal tip […]
Nowadays people are searching for a highly-skilled surgeon who who has a great deal of experience and charges an affordable price for surgery. Who will be better than an Iranian surgeon? Rhinoplasty is very common in Iran that you can walk in the street and count at least 20 people who have a dressing tape on their nose within minutes of walking. Because many middle eastern are known for having a big dorsal hump, droopy nose tip, and thick skin, so we consider Iran the heaven for nose surgeries and […]